Italian bread dough is typically wetter than other doughs because it uses more liquid water or milk and fat butter or olive oil despite its savory flavor many italian bread recipes do use sugar traditionally italian bread is baked on a stone to give it that signature thin crisp crust golden brown in color.

Friends making crusty italian bread is easier than lots of things in life its easier than changing a tire easier than driving a stick shift easier than filling out back to school paperwork easier than mowing the lawn and many readers tell me this is the best italian bread recipe theyve tried so go for it.

Types of italian bread include ciabatta mdash made of wheat flour and yeast mdash piadina made of flour lard and salt mdash and panettone a bread that is native to milan both countries make delicious loaves but the similarities between italian and french bread end the moment you compare the two side by side.

This bread machine french bread recipe makes 2 medium sized loaves or 1 large loaf of wonderful crusty bread serve fresh crusty bread with soup salad or stew or top slices with cheese or dunk in dip slice any leftover bread at a slight angle and use for crostini or bruschetta or season and oven toast for delicious homemade croutons.

Kim rsquo s gluten free bread flour blend ndash my bread flour blend is essential to the success of this bread or any of my breads for that matter if you rsquo re using a store bought blend you will not get the same results as this sugar ndash just a little bit of sugar is all you need salt ndash every great bread needs a little salt instant yeast ndash instant yeast doesn rsquo t require blooming in the liquid.

This week i made a loaf of whole wheat bread corn bread sugar cookies in the bread machine and now these homemade rolls being in the kitchen is definitely helping me escape these stressful times and what rsquo s better than making fluffy little rolls that i can dab with butter and jam.