How do you make peanut butter pinwheel candy as i mentioned you rsquo re going to start with potatoes specifically mashed potatoes i definitely do not recommend using leftover mashed potatoes that have been seasoned with salt pepper or anything else instead use one or two russet potatoes peel them dice them boil until tender drain and then mash really well.

Is old fashioned potato candy the same thing as irish potato candy nope although many people confuse the two old fashioned potato candy is made up of powdered sugar mashed potatoes and nut butter irish potato candy is a traditional sugary confection that despite its name is not from ireland and does not usually contain any potato.

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Grandmas potato candy also called peanut butter pinwheels is a classic recipe that only requires a small amount of ingredients a cherished treat peanut butter pinwheels if you have never tried grandmas potato candy recipe you are absolutely missing out this recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and is absolutely.

Peanut butter bourbon balls are a wonderful no bake candy like cookie made with this tasty peanut butter flavored bourbon homemade cookie truffles are my favorite addition to the holiday cookie tray these are a cousin to that classic rum hellip.

I rsquo m a huge fan of no bake cookies my mom made them all the time when we were growing up and i continue to make them in tons of different flavors today like my irish cream no bake cookies or my peanut butter no bake cookies traditionally i make my no bake cookies with an oatmeal base but for this recipe i decided to try something a little different corn flakes.

Irish potato soup irish potato soup is a simple and rustic dish that rsquo s guaranteed to fill your belly heart and soul with joy it rsquo s hearty creamy and chock full of potatoes it rsquo s also a breeze to make seven ingredients potato stock butter onion cream salt and pepper and a pot that rsquo s all there is to it 12 irish bread pudding.

While melting butter in a large bowl mix together or mash together mashed potatoes milk remaining 1 tbsp of butter preferably melted and slightly cooled cheese if using and the white pieces of sliced green onion.