First in a large mixing bowl add in 1 lb 454g ground beef note we used regular ground beef for this salisbury steak recipe but you can also use lean ground beef now add in frac12 cup 30g panko breadcrumbs finely minced onion 2 cloves of minced garlic 1 large egg 1 tbsp 15ml regular soy sauce frac12 tsp 2 5ml worcestershire sauce frac12 tsp 2 5ml toasted sesame hellip.

Instant pot salisbury steak is a quick and delicious dinner that is ready in just 35 minutes on a cold winter day there rsquo s nothing like this comforting recipe coated in gravy to satisfy your cravings serve it over mashed potatoes with some roasted asparagus for the perfect meal this savory hearty main dish is made easy in the instant pot for a quick meal that tastes like hellip.

These beefy meatballs are cooked in a mushroom gravy and lightened up by using half ground turkey and half lean ground beef i made these in my instant pot a multi cooker that does the job of a slow cooker electric pressure cooker rice cooker steamer yogurt maker saute browning pan and warming pot all in one for a meal that took less than thirty minutes to hellip.

Salisbury steak lean ground beef and turkey are combined to lighten up this classic retro american dish my family loves it over these instant pot mashed potatoes or serve it over mashed cauliflower this makes enough for 2 nights for a family of four.

This instant pot cubed steak and gravy comes out so tender thanks to the quick work of the pressure cooker and it makes its own gravy instant pot cubed steak and gravy so i thought i would start converting some of my crock pot slow cooker recipes to instant pot recipes in my mind i thought it would be so easy.

Salisbury steak originates in the united states and is a popular dish made with seasoned ground beef patties that are smothered in gravy with mushrooms often accompanied by caramelized onions salisbury got its name from an american physician dr j h salisbury.

Today i rsquo m throwing back to an old american classic with this keto salisbury steak mushroom gravy recipe low carb and gluten free this is a keto comfort food the entire family can enjoy this keto salisbury steak recipe instantly transports me back to my childhood and if you grew up in the 70 rsquo s and 80 rsquo s then you will probably relate.

Homemade salisbury steak is one of our favorite easy home cooked recipes while you can definitely make salisbury steak in the slow cooker this quick and easy version is ready in about 30 minutes so it rsquo s perfect for a weeknight once cooked we serve this over instant pot mashed potatoes egg noodles rice or even mashed cauliflower add in.

Salisbury steak also freezes well so feel free to double the recipe and freeze half i suggest freezing in a baking pan 8 8 or 9 9 thaw overnight in the fridge and then heat it back up in a 350of oven tightly covered with foil for about 35 minutes.

Cube steak is a tenderized beef steak seared in beef broth onion and garlic powder then made with the best mushroom gravy a simple and delicious meal made in less than 30 minutes sometimes i just need to cook some beef and steak is one of my favorites.

Crock pot cubed steak with gravy is the ultimate no fuss weeknight dinner recipe tender flavorful and goes perfect with mashed potatoes a budget friendly family friendly dinner this meal is not only inexpensive but it is one of those set it and forget it type meals you can toss everything into your slow cooker and dinner will be ready read more raquo.

Round steak gravy is a recipe that uses an affordable cut of beef called round steak that is delicious but typically needs hours to cook so that it is tender hellip but not with your instant pot this recipe from the tipsy house wife is best served on top of creamy mashed potatoes and with buttery corn.

Easy to make tender juicy french onion soup salisbury steak is a family favorite tender beef topped with a rich savory gravy this meal is on the table in just 30 minutes.

Dry homemade gravy mix to make it extra fancy you can top it with a slice of provolone cheese or even crispy onion straws crock pot oven the whole point of the crock pot is to make your life easier and quite frankly it is actually easier to make on the stovetop than it is to make crock pot cube steak and it takes less time.

Hamburger steak vs salisbury steak hamburger steak is made with simple ingredients that resemble how you would make a hamburger in this case it rsquo s served with gravy over mashed potatoes it could be served with a bun if preferred salisbury steak often includes an egg that rsquo s used as a binder along with breadcrumbs milk and other.

Instant pot pork chops with mushroom gravy the recipe pot button mushrooms salt onion pepper canola oil cream of mushroom soup and 4 more slow cooker beef tips in mushroom gravy joyful mommas kitchen.

Ingredients for homemade turkey gravy turkey drippings liquid flour salt pepper and optionally bourbon ingredient notes drippings if you don rsquo t have enough drippings if you only made a small turkey breast for example you can add melted butter to reach frac14 cup liquids you rsquo ll get the most flavorful gravy with the juices from a roasted turkey.

Pot roast ndash fall apart beef tender flavour infused vegetables and potatoes smothered in a rich gravy it rsquo s mouthwateringly good yet simple to make especially if you use a slow cooker however this beef pot roast recipe can be made in an instant pot oven or crockpot ndash pick which method works best for you pot roast.

I also have an incredible instant pot version that uses fresh herbs and tangy mustard or try homemade salisbury steak smothered in gravy made with mushrooms and onions cream of mushroom chicken tips and tricks.

Instant pot add the stew meat mushrooms bay leaves dried thyme mushroom powder water beef broth and barley to sauteed veggies in the instant pot cover and hit the manual button high pressure and cook for 16 minutes allow the pressure to release before removing the lid.

For barbecues beef steak for sensational flavor rub nice thick tenderloin steaks with olive oil crushed garlic and meat tenderizer let the meat sit for hellip read more raquo steps to make favorite for barbecues beef steak.

Cover with foil and bake chicken and mushroom casserole at 350 f for 45 minutes garnish with parsley if desired serve with this chicken bakes in gravy so it is great served over creamy mashed potatoes or egg noodles the same way we serve beef stroganoff it rsquo s also great paired with these fresh sides baked asparagus cucumber tomato salad.