Cajun seasoning makes it possible to have a delicious one pot jambalaya pasta dish with all of the deep flavors you rsquo re craving in just 30 minutes recipe ingredients jambalaya is basically a one pot mash with loads of veggies spices and protein.

Instant pot rice prepare rice by adding 2 1 4 cups water 2 cups long grain rice and 1 2 teaspoon salt to cooker stir add 1 tablespoon butter seal and set on high for 6 minutes let pressure release naturally then transfer rice to a lidded storage container cover and set aside wash and rinse pot if needed to prepare beans.

This easy jambalaya recipe is packed with spicy andouille sausage shredded chicken sweet shrimp and of course plenty of vegetables and rice it rsquo s the perfect one pot meal for busy nights for more easy one pot meals check out this one pot beef stroganoff this one pot mexican pasta this one pot cream spinach mushrooms artichoke chicken and this hellip.