The instant pot brown rice texture we preferred the most is the result from test 2 ndash fully cooked chewy if you like softer brown rice follow test 4 rsquo s ratios methods which brown rice texture do you prefer.

How to cook brown rice in an instant pot add 1 cup water 1 cup rinsed brown rice to instant pot secure lid press pressure cook ndash high and set to 20 minutes it will take 8 minutes to pressurize and then the cooking begins when the timer goes off carefully press the quick release steam should immediately stream from the steam valve so be careful.

The tried and true rice to water ratio for instant pot brown rice is 2 cups of long grain brown rice to 2 5 cups of water or broth i recommend sticking to this ratio for perfectly fluffy rice tip use broth instead of water to take the flavor up a notch.

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Brown rice in instant pot is pure fluffy and each grain separate magic combined with tender chicken pieces and fragrant spices this recipe is the ultimate comfort food i also included white rice option in the recipe card.

How many cups of rice can you cook in an instant pot in theory 2 5 cups in a 3 quart instant pot 5 cups in a 6 quart instant pot 6 5 cups in an 8 quart instant pot this is us standard measuring cups and raw dry rice so the mathematical thought for the theory is the following 1 cup of raw white rice gives on average 3 cups cooked rice.

Use the right ratio of rice to water instant pot suggests any rice can be cooked with a one to one rice to water ratio but during testing we found this wasn rsquo t universally true mdash both among instant pot models and other multi cookers use slightly more water when cooking brown rice and wild rice to prevent undercooking and scorching.

Brown rice and chicken breasts have very similar cooking times when prepared in the instant pot so the timing works out perfectly i suggest sticking to brown rice in this recipe because white rice would become very overcooked as the brown rice cooks and releases its starches it produces a wonderfully creamy texture in this soup.

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Plus for perfect instant pot rice i always add a pinch of salt for each cup of rice that i rsquo m cooking to flavor the rice right from the get go steps for making it rinse rice under cold running water until water runs clear add oil to instant pot along with the rinsed rice water and salt lock the lid and set the steam valve to seal.

Rice be sure to use white rice for this recipe brown rice is not recommended since it would take about 10 minutes longer which would overcook the chicken do not use instant or minute rice cheese fresh parmesan is ideal but can sub shredded cheese.

How to make mexican rice in the instant pot rinse the rice under water until the water runs clear drain well turn instant pot to the saute setting add oil and rice and stir often until the rice starts to get slightly golden add tomato sauce minced garlic onion tomato boullion and diced carrots.

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This recipe was created in an instant pot duo 6qt if using a newer model use the rice button on your instant pot white basmati rice or jasmine rice can be substituted for the long grain i always rinse my rice under cold water before cooking if subbing dry for fresh thyme springs use about 1 2 tsp.

How to cook this rice in the instant pot if you cook this blend on the stovetop it will take about 60 minutes about 5 minutes for the water to boil 45 minutes to cook and 10 minutes of rest time to make this instant pot wild blend rice it will take about 43 to 45 minutes about 5 to 7 minutes for the instant pot to come up to temperature.

How to cook jasmine rice in the instant pot rinse place your rice in a large mesh strainer and rinse it under water until the water runs clear add transfer the rice to the instant pot and season it with salt stir in the water push down on the rice so it rsquo s covered in liquid add the butter cover cover the rice water and butter with the lid and set the valve to hellip.

Instant pot wild rice i rsquo ve cut my cooking time for wild rife almost by half since switching from the stovetop to my instant pot the rice is fluffy tender and perfectly cooked every time instant pot wild rice is a staple i like to prepare during my weekly meal prep and then have on hand to add to dishes and meals throughout the week.

Just follow the instructions but use brown rice and boneless chicken thighs and increase the pressure cooking time to 22 minutes this is one of the many chicken recipes you can make in your instant pot.