These cream biscuits were extremely easy to bake up and resulted in a delicious fluffy biscuit that will easily replace the typical ldquo pop open rdquo biscuits that i typically prepare i think that the next time we make them i will add a little something i e cheese and or garlic powder for additional flavor but this is an excellent basic recipe.

How to make 2 ingredient cream biscuits as i said these biscuits are ridiculously easy to make simply combine self rising flour and heavy whipping cream knead gently until combined pour the dough onto a floured countertop gently pat knead and roll the dough to a 1 2 inch thickness dust with flour fold the dough over on top of itself.

Hurry up biscuits when i was young my mom would make these biscuits with fresh cream she got from a local farmer i dont go to those lengths but the family recipe is still a real treat mdash beverly sprague baltimore maryland.

Now let rsquo s talk about something a little more exciting and delicious these amazing sour cream biscuits they require 3 simple ingredients ok 5 if you don rsquo t have self rising flour and are the easiest things to make if you hate making biscuits because of the rolling and cutting there is none here just scoop and plop into your muffin tin.

And the sour cream isn rsquo t just a gimmick used in place of the more typical cream or buttermilk it adds rich tangy flavor and acidity hellip.

How to make 2 ingredient cream biscuits preheat oven to 500f degrees yes that is the correct temperature spray a baking sheet with a little nonstick spray measure out flour using technique above into a large bowl gradually stir in cream adding enough to moisten flour to a sticky dough.

Bavarian cream biscuits yep that rsquo s right i know it may sound strange but consider that many people are using refrigerated biscuits to make ldquo donuts rdquo in their air fryers not for nothing those air fried rdquo donuts taste pretty darned good too why not carry that principle further and apply it to filled donuts.

This post is sponsored by aldi these smoked cheddar biscuits are so delicious made with sour cream in the dough they are tender and flaky and so flavorful perfect to serve alongside any meal oh my if you rsquo re a biscuit lover you rsquo re going to adore these these biscuits are loaded with smoked cheddar cheese which.

Make it savory add ingredients like cooked ham green onion cheese or spices to the dough mixture this recipe for ham and green onion biscuits is a good place to start and our easy cheesy biscuits always delight turn it into dessert erika.

Drop biscuits are easier to make than regular biscuits and they bake up just as fluffy and soft you can add ingredients to the mix as well like cheddar scallions bacon and so on from joanne ozug of fifteen spatulas.

How to make high rising biscuits has been many a bakers challenge down the years after all biscuits are an enormous cultural touchstone in the american south where cooks are often judged by their biscuit prowess even north of the mason dixon line theres no denying most of us love a tender flaky biscuit stuffed with country ham ladled with sausage gravy or hellip.

To make drop biscuits it helps to either have an ice cream or cookie scoop to maintain some semblance of an even size and shape depending on how big you like your biscuits this recipe will.

Eggs biscuits and breakfast treats bring that leftover cream to the breakfast table just a spoonful is all it takes to make the most lush and tender scrambled eggs or give your bowl of oats a hint of richness a splash of cream is hellip.

What can i make with digestive biscuits these can be ground up into crumbs and used in place of graham cracker crumbs to make no bake pie crusts for a whole variety of pies and cheesecakes they can also be crushed into larger chunks and added into ice cream or trifles for unbelievable texture and flavor.

Buttermilk will add a rich tangy flavor to the biscuits and the acid in the buttermilk will react with the baking powder thereby giving the biscuits more rise you can also make biscuits with plain yogurt instead of milk or add grated cheddar cheese or chopped herbs heres a simple biscuit recipe to get you started.

Full fat low fat or no fat plain yogurts all work full and low fat yogurts make for richer biscuits dairy free gluten free biscuits replace the butter with an equal amount of cold dairy free butter or shortening and the yogurt with a plain dairy free yogurt some dairy free yogurts contain sugar and starches which can change the texture.

Cajun cream sauce is full of flavor and easy to make it rsquo s the perfect topping for fish that has been pan fried blackened baked or broiled starting with the pan drippings left behind gives it a zesty seafood foundation.

Adjust an oven rack to center position and preheat the oven to 375 deg in a large chilled bowl combine flours baking powder baking soda sugar and salt.

Scotts restaurant butterfunk biscuit co serves a host of dressed up biscuits from pulled pork to fried chicken people can glaze them with different things or use honey butter scott said back at the restaurant ill make a bunch of spreads from clotted cream to pumpkin butter apple butter preserves and more.

My whipped cream recipe is just a simple mixture of heavy whipping cream make sure it rsquo s at least 36 fat powdered sugar and vanilla extract you rsquo ll mix everything together until it thickens and forms soft peaks in other words when you lift the beaters out of the bowl the whipped cream folds over.

I make this a lot and my family loves it husband and son request it all the time i like to add some diced and boiled potatoes carrots celery peas and corn i dont use the canned biscuits though best with homemade biscuit dough add cheese and basil to the dough then drop by the spoonful over the top i add extra milk so its not so thick.