Hot water cornbread is an old fashioned southern recipe thats a staple at dinner rather than baking cornbread in a pan the batter is shaped into cakes and fried in a skillet the hot fat can be shortening or vegetable oil but bacon drippings add a very nice flavor.

Hot water cornbread recipe you rsquo ll need these ingredients and some hot water hellip place the cornmeal in a small mixing bowl i rsquo m making enough batter for about four pieces of cornbread you can easily double the recipe if you need hellip.

Hot water cornbread what sets this fried cornbread apart from its cornbread cousins is the boiling water giving the meal a head start on cooking and resulting in an inner creamy texture with an outside crunchy crust.

Hot water cornbread is a simple rustic style of cornbread made with plain cornmeal and boiling water its traditionally formed into patties and fried in oil but hot water cornbread can also be baked in the oven combine the dry.

Hot water cornbread has got to be one of my most requested recipes although i uploaded a recipe for it many years ago on my youtube channel a lot of people missed the video also i have since then revised my recipe for hot water cornbread since then so it rsquo s time that i uploaded another.

Pan fried cornbread step 1 heat the oil in a cast iron skillet until it is hot enough for frying step 2 make your hot water cornbread batter by combining the cornmeal baking powder salt pepper and hot water together in a mixing bowl the batter for hot water cornbread will be a bit thick and that is what you want.

Hot water cornbread is made using hot boiling water in the batter plus little patties of the batter are fried in a light oil rather than being baked like traditional cornbread it rsquo s so good and creates the best texture hot water cornbread is a little more moist on the inside and much crisper on the outside than regular cornbread hot water.