Recipe video above this is seriously so similar to heinz its scary except ndash no artifical flavouring and the sauce isnt slimy which i really hate about canned baked beans make with dried or canned beans navy beans haricot if you can find them thats what heinz uses otherwises any beans preferably white.

I would call mine deconstructed hamburger steak with mushroom gravy i took the raw hamburger meat and stir fried it added salt pepper and garlic powder i sliced onion and stir fried it with the meat i then poured a can of cream of mushroom soup undiluted over the cooked meat mixture and cooked it to just boiling.

Recipe video above juicy meatballs smothered in a beautiful creamy gravy with a hint of spicing that swedish meatballs are known for made extra soft and extra tasty by soaking fresh bread in grated onion tried and tested technique used in my most of my meatball recipes highly approved by readers see italian meatball reviews as an example.

To get you started try out this frugal recipe for old fashioned salisbury steak this classic meal will give you so much nostalgia youll make it again and again pro tip buy in bulk at a discount or club store and cook up a lot of food once a week for school lunches or planned dinners think sunday prep.

Salt pork or bacon ndash baked beans with bacon recipe and beenie weenies are great variations on this pork and beans recipe that typically starts with salt pork as it rsquo s meaty flavoring salt pork ndash a piece of salt cured pork belly it rsquo s most commonly used in boston baked beans pork and beans and some soul food like braised collard greens.

Let these old fashioned recipes like 1950s salisbury steak take you back to the days of your youth dont forget about the great food they had at the drive in whether youre taking a trip down memory lane planning for a 1950s themed party or you just want more traditional recipes our collection wont disappoint.

I think heinz 57 would give this recipe a nice kick my mom used to make a stuffed meatloaf and put a mushroom gravy on top to maria aria label reply to this comment to maria reply to i do like the mushroom onion gravy idea too kinda like salisbury steak to corinne aria label reply to this comment to corinne reply to this.

Lisa if anyone ever figures out the sauce and coleslaw recipe used a college bbq in salisbury nc you will be my hero forever posted sat sep 16 2017 1 24pm bobbyb someone asked about scotts sauce bought at harris teeter scotts is a traditional eastern nc sauce made in goldsboro which is the heart of enc bbq country.

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