Mix hamburger salt pepper garlic powder and flour together form into patties brown on both sides remove from skillet saute onion in the same pan adding a small amount of oil if needed after sauteing the onion remove from skillet and add flour for gravy stirring constantly brown the flour stir water into the browned flour to make.

What to serve with hamburger gravy this yummy chunky sauce is a quick and easy way to make dinner into a stick to your ribs meal these are some starch sides perfect for pairing with hamburger gravy savory sides garlic mashed potatoes buttered egg noodles baked rice biscuits bread garlic cheese biscuits toast points or toasted.

Add hamburger steaks to gravy reduce heat to medium low then continue cooking uncovered for 15 20 minutes or until meat juices run clear and gravy has reduced and thickened serve with white rice or mashed potatoes.

Salisbury steak is a dish that has been around for years and years it usually consists of a homemade hamburger patty smothered in a rich and flavorful brown gravy i love to add onions and mushrooms to the gravy to add in extra flavor difference between salisbury steak and hamburger steak.

For the mushroom gravy 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 tablespoon unsalted butter 3 4 to 1 pound mushrooms sliced 2 tablespoons all purpose flour 1 1 2 cups beef stock 1 teaspoon gravy browning sauce gravy master or kitchen bouquet 1 2 teaspoon worcestershire sauce salt to taste freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Crock pot cubed steak with gravy is the ultimate no fuss weeknight dinner recipe tender flavorful and goes perfect with mashed potatoes a budget friendly family friendly dinner this meal is not only inexpensive but it is one of those set it and forget it type meals you can toss everything into your slow cooker and dinner will be ready read more raquo.