This slow cooker salisbury steak takes 15 minutes to get it going in the slow cooker and if you make the mashed potatoes ahead of time it rsquo s all easy to serve as soon as the family is able to.

The salisbury steak was awesome both my daughter and i wolfed it down ndash a new fav at our house now she doesn rsquo t like to cook and i have tried to teach her but cereal ramen and hamburger helper type things is about all she wants to do.

The sunday cooking thread ndash 01 02 2022 greetings all cbd should be back in the saddle kitchen again very soon so if i don rsquo t accidentally burn it all down today we rsquo ll be able to hand the cooking thread back to him next sunday with little clean up needed breakfast for dinner mrs throckmorton and i occasionally enjoy breakfast for dinner.

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Thinking outside the box a misguided idea the truth behind the universal but flawed catchphrase for creativity posted february 6 2014.

23 likes 9 comments rhiannon rhi write on instagram ldquo let rsquo s talk about writing processes everyone rsquo s so different and unique in how they write so i hellip rdquo.