The eggs picked up the ldquo deviled rdquo description in the 19th century it rsquo s a term that was used to refer to dishes with strong flavors or zesty and spicy additions such as the mustard and pepper mixed into the mashed yolks depending on where you grew up you might refer to deviled eggs as stuffed eggs salad eggs or dressed eggs instead.

Using a sharp knife slice each egg in half lengthwise gently remove the yolk halves and place in a small mixing bowl arrange the egg white halves on a serving platter kelly hamilton make the filling using a fork mash up the yolks and add mustard mayonnaise onion tabasco and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Asian deviled eggs combine 3 tbsp mayo 1 4 tsp soy sauce 1 4 tsp ginger 1 8 tsp each salt and pepper and 1 8 tsp chili sauce with 4 egg yolks stuff into egg whites and top with chopped green onion and black sesame seeds.

Deviled eggs are one of americas best loved snacks whether theyre served as part of an easter spread as a party or potluck appetizer or a game day snack theyre sure to disappear quickly kids and adults alike love these portable hand held bites filled with an easy mixture of mashed hard cooked egg yolk plus mayonnaise and simple seasonings.