Rachael may be the burger queen but over the years many a chicken dish has made an appearance on the show and since you all seem to eat them up pun intended we thought wed round up 50 of your all time favorites scroll through to see if your go to chicken dish made the list.

You could fry up some chicken wings make a dinner using a rotisserie chicken recipe or try your hand at one of these delicious boneless chicken thigh recipes we vote for the latter mdash because while other parts of the chicken are great chicken thighs have a deep flavor and moistness thats harder to get with lean cuts like chicken breast.

Ingredient notes chicken 4 to 5 pounds of chicken pieces such as breast thighs or quarters may be substituted for the whole chicken reduce total baking time to 30 to 45 minutes rotisserie instructions i own the cuisinart tob 200 rotisserie convection toaster oven culinary hill may earn money if you buy through this link cooking times for other rotisseries may vary.