The answer is yes but your dairy free mashed potatoes will be even better ndash and creamier ndash if you use a combination of nut milk and creamy full fat canned coconut milk it rsquo s a great way to get that extra decadent sour cream style mashed potato texture.

2021 update thanksgiving can be a tricky time of year for dairy free living menus typically include potatoes mashed with milk creamy beans buttermilk biscuits and of course butter added to just about everything on the table.

Gluten free scalloped potatoes are a labor of life but the good news is that you can fully make the dish a day ahead of time bake then cool completely and then refrigerate covered with foil let sit on the counter for 30 minutes or so the next day to take the chill off the baking dish then bake covered for 40 minutes at 350 degrees or until.

Many recipes for scalloped potatoes call for flour to thicken the cream sauce but i find that this results in an overly thick goopy sauce this recipe inspired by the technique used in our classic scalloped potatoes relies on the potato starches alone to make the sauce velvety the result is a casserole with a cleaner flavor and texture while still being plenty decadent.

By sprinkling flour over the potatoes and pouring over milk and butter the sauce will bubble and thicken as the potatoes cook you could even use a dairy free milk and butter alternative for a wonderful vegan friendly dish ingredients though there are a few different ways to make scalloped potatoes the basic ingredients all remain the same.

Lay down half the sliced potatoes and season with salt and pepper toss to coat then lay flat and sprinkle on 2 tbsp 10 g vegan parmesan cheese amount as original recipe is written use half of total if altering batch size add remaining potatoes season with a bit more salt and pepper and loosely toss.

Ingredients and substitutions butter i use salted butter in this recipe milk you can use any milk from skim to whole milk in this recipe whole milk will make for a richer dish mustard the dry mustard adds some extra flavor to the sauce you can reduce or omit the mustard if you prefer thyme the thyme can be omitted if you prefer cheddar cheese i like to hellip.

Nothing this recipe is gluten free as written scalloped potatoes with ham layer thinly sliced cooked ham between the layers of potatoes scalloped potatoes with carrots thinly slice carrots and intermix them with the potato slices what to serve with scalloped potatoes pork serve a flavorful dish like these crock pot pork chops for a.

In a greased 2 5 quart casserole dish layer potatoes and ham with sauce spooned over repeat layers usually 3 4 top with the remaining sauce cover and bake for 65 75 minutes or until potatoes are almost tender dot with remaining butter and bake uncovered for 15 20 minutes longer or until potatoes are fully tender.

Scalloped is a favorite from my mother rsquo s famous baked scalloped potatoes and ham in a casserole dish smothered in a white sauce but i like this slow cooked potato recipe without the extra cooking and cleanup that a white sauce entails.

How to make cheesy scalloped potatoes this cheesy scalloped potato recipe is made in the oven made with russet potatoes and you can use milk or heavy cream in the cheese sauce these cheesy scalloped potatoes are certainly great for a crowd and makes enough for 8 10 people preheat oven to 400 deg f.

The perfect scalloped potatoes i grew up on boxed scalloped potatoes aka ldquo au gratin rdquo if we rsquo re being french about it they were on a fairly regular rotation as a side dish so when i grew up and started making scalloped potatoes for myself from scratch i discovered that they can be tricky to execute perfectly.

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Its best to use starchy potatoes for scalloped potatoes for example russet or yukon gold they will thicken the sauce and become nice and tender waxy potatoes will most likely be too firm after being baked if youre using a high speed blender like a vitamin or a similar product you dont have to soak the cashews first.

A gluten free and dairy free version since sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and a typical recipe for this casserole tends to be loaded with ingredients such butter and milk i wanted to create a gluten free and dairy free version that even celiacs and those with gluten allergies and lactose intolerances can also enjoy.

More dairy free pumpkin recipes dairy free pumpkin cookies roasted garlic pumpkin hummus pumpkin chive scalloped potatoes rosemary pumpkin dinner rolls this post contains affiliate links i may earn commission from qualifying purchases at hellip.

They are a gluten free and dairy free twist on the traditional thanksgiving side dish and instead of making them on the stove top you bake the casserole in the oven ingredients you need sweet potatoes peeled and cut into frac12 inch rounds vegan butter we use miyokos butghee or unsalted grassfed butter work too for a paleo friendly option.

Totally gluten free and dairy free now only is this bread recipe gluten free it rsquo s important to use a serrated knife which has a scalloped toothlike edge that is ideal for cutting through foods with a hard exterior and a soft interior such as this loaf of soft fluffy gluten free bread using a smooth edged knife will place excessive.

Creamy dairy free sauce bacon mushrooms garlic coconut milk gluten free flour sun dried tomatoes and kalamata olives makes for an intensely rich and flavorful sauce we render the fat of the bacon to saute the mushrooms and garlic and save the actual bacon for hellip.

Instant pot creamy tuscan chicken with dairy free sun dried tomato sauce and spinach is a rustic enticing main dish serve it up with rice noodles or your favorite side dishes for a complete meal if you don rsquo t own an instant pot no sweat.

Think of this as a cream free scalloped potatoes or a cheese free au gratin but being lighter doesnt mean these are any less impressive or any less delicious in this oven roasted potato and onion dish thinly sliced potatoes and sweet onions are layered in a casserole or baking dish with plenty of seasoning and fresh herbs.

Sweet potatoes are in season we didnt grow any this year and ive been meaning to take a trip to the farmers market to get some for weeks now but life gets in the way and i get lazy and its 45 minutes on the other side of town to the market in an area we just dont frequent unless we specifically plan to go and i get lazy.