You cook a frittata on the stove and a quiche in the oven frittatas are traditionally cooked in a skillet and then sometimes placed in the oven to complete the cooking process while quiches are baked in a pie pan neither dish is particularly difficult to prepare but a quiche is slightly more labor intensive than a frittata.

Asparagus and shiitake mushroom egg frittatas why is my frittata watery nobody likes a watery frittata if you find yourself with a watery frittata it rsquo s probably because you did not cook down your vegetables enough when you place raw vegetables into a frittata the water is drawn out and access water is left in your frittata.

Asparagus scientific name asparagus officinalis is a perennial flowering plant that has been used as a food and medicine as far back as 3 000 b c many early cultures imbued it with aphrodisiac properties today asparagus is recognized as an excellent source of vitamins minerals and fiber with few calories or sodium.