Use this amish friendship bread starter recipe as a base for many sweet breads dinner rolls muffins and other baked goods hints for storing and using up the sourdough starter download the amish friendship bread starter instructions here click here to see how to bake the friendship bread have i got a treat for you today classic amishread more.

Amish friendship bread recipe is perfect to share with friends now you can make your own with this friendship bread starter recipe free printable for giving as a gift the other day i was looking through my past emails when i came across an email i had sent my stepmother with an amish friendship bread recipe as well as a friendship bread.

To make the traditional amish friendship bread you need to get a bread starter from one of your friends or make it yourself the starter is made with a mixture of flour sugar and milk placed into a resealable bag you knead the bag once a day for a few days and then you have to feed it a few days after that.

Amish friendship cinnamon bread alternative without a starter from eat cake for dinner amish cinnamon muffins from the semi sweet sisters cinnamon rolls with caramel frosting from your homebased mom pumpkin cinnamon rolls from recipe girl amish light as a feather doughnuts from recipe lion amish bread pudding from just a pinch recipes.

A recipe for hallah challah is the hebrew word for an egg bread eaten primarily on the sabbath this is a recipe i have added to from ldquo like mama used to make rdquo 6 cups flour topping egg wash choose caraway seeds poppy seeds or sesame seeds 1 tsp sugar 1 tbsp shortening 1 tsp salt 2 packages yeast directions put flour in a large pan or bowl add water eggs sugar shortening and salt.

1 lb skinless boneless chicken breast halves cubed 1 3 cup oil olive or vegetable 1 tsp minced garlic 1 4 tsp onion salt 1 4 tsp black pepper.