For this low carb oven roasted basil parmesan tomatoes recipe i used roma tomatoes but you can use any variety of tomatoes you have on hand tomatoes arent the lowest carb fruit or vegetable in the world but in my book the health benefits of tomatoes far outweigh the higher carb count.

Corn salad recipe ingredients and possible substitutes corn white corn will work here if that rsquo s all you can find but i recommend yellow for a prettier salad grape tomatoes cherry tomatoes will work well too english cucumber regular slicing cucumbers can be used just peel first red onion green onion will work in a pinch feta diced fresh mozzarella or even goat hellip.

To serve arrange watermelon halloumi tomato and cucumber on a platter drizzle over the reserved glaze dressing then drape over the ham slices and basil leaves serve hot or hellip.

Potato salad ingredients alright let rsquo s talk ingredients to make this southern potato salad recipe you will need potatoes i prefer buttery yukon gold potatoes for this recipe but russets or red potatoes would also work well too feel free to peel your potatoes if you do not like the skins but i always leave them in because i like the extra texture that they add.

Cranberry walnut salad there rsquo s something about a cranberry walnut salad that evokes thoughts of the holidays a beautiful salad with deep red and bright white pops of color is all dressed up for the season but trust me this easy salad recipe will be a welcome addition to your menus all year long.