Homemade coffee creamer is really easy to do yourself here rsquo s 2 dozen flavors you can make from one base recipe back in 2011 i posted a recipe for homemade french vanilla coffee creamer i had no idea it would become as popular as it hellip.

Amaretto this will add a sweet flavor to your cocktail liquid creamer this will need to be hazelnut flavored eggnog this will give a lovely vanilla melted ice cream flavor cinnamon this will be sprinkling on each glass how to make an amaretto eggnog cocktail add the rum creamer and eggnog into a large pitcher and use a spoon to combine.

Many types of alcohol go great with coffee and dark spirits like whiskey rum and brandy are among the best choices amaretto butterscotch schnapps irish cream and several other liqueurs are excellent as well sweetening the coffee while adding delicious flavors.

Amarettos sweet almond flavor with a hint of bitterness is particularly well suited in hot coffee if you enjoy it on the lighter side whether thats a light roast or a weaker brew it also does well with cold brew coffee and spiked almond lattes if you want to mix spirits amaretto is a great companion for coffee liqueurs brandy and rum.

Half and half cocoa powder amaretto kahlua vanilla vodka irish cream pie cocktail crazy for crust vanilla vodka milk cream shortbread cookies cold coffee ice and 1 more coffee creamer and 2 more boozy copycat starbucks birthday cake frappuccino slim pickins kitchen ice liquor heavy whipping cream fresh raspberries.

Amaretto marshmallow hot cocoa spiced latte eggnog latte gingerbread spiced rum cake butter pecan voting takes place now through november 30 2021 coffee mates current slate of holiday creamer flavors for 2021 include cookies n cocoa peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice photo via coffee mate.

Used by professional roasters to flavor coffee beans our flavors are also great for flavoring candy fudge very potent oils just a few drops per ounce of roasted coffee beans will do for fresh roasted bean flavor after co2 has escaped toss in 1 10 of an ounce of flavor to one pound of beans and let air until absorbed about 2 hours.

Made with caramel syrup creme de cacao amaretto hazelnut liqueur peanut butter and vanilla creamer this snickers martini is the stuff of legends 11 cake batter martini this martini isn rsquo t made of actual cake batter but it sure does look and taste like one.

Brown roast in pan on both sides until brown while its browning boil 1 coffee pot full of water in coffee pot when roast is brown leave in same pan you browned it in pour hot water over it add 2 packs of lipton onion soup mix add 1 hellip.

Made with vanilla vodka amaretto and sugar cookie or vanilla flavored coffee creamer it rsquo s as easy as it is delicious simply combine hellip.

There rsquo s the snowflake martini which is made with vanilla flavored vodka peppermint schnapps white chocolate liqueur and cream while the sugar cookie martini also calls for vanilla vodka.

An almond old fashioned has the characteristic nutty fragrance on par with an almond coffee creamer or amaretto sour but it isn rsquo t cloyingly sweet a rhubarb blush mdash second cousin to the cosmo.

Vegan baking basics are back it rsquo s been a while since i rsquo ve done one of these posts but i rsquo ve found they are super helpful for just navigating and figuring out how to do vegan baking best i rsquo ve covered everything from baking with dates to the wonders of cashews and the process of converting a non vegan recipe to a vegan recipe i rsquo m here to help you out.