Amajos creamsicle martini orange and cream flavored like the creamsicle popsicle you had as a kid but all grown up a great dessert drink hellip.

Begin by slicing an orange for garnish if using if you rsquo re using fresh squeezed orange juice for your martini go ahead and juice it now add ice to hellip.

How do you make a creamsicle martini making martini rsquo s are super easy because you can add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice hellip.

Follow along as we are told how to make a creamsicle martini what you will need vodka triple sec orange juice half and half cream what to do fill a shaker up with ice the more ice the better it gets it nice and cold add 1oz vodka add 1oz triple sec add 1oz orange juice add 1oz half and half shake to mix all the flavors together.

Creamy dreamy and fruity ndash this cocktail is fantastic whipped cream flavored vodka is the key ingredient in this boozy take on a classic perfect for summer days this hellip.

Scoop the ice cream into your glass then layer orange juice cream soda and vodka over it stir slightly and serve it immediately it makes a really hellip.

It is so easy to make and perfect for those times when you feel like being a grown up kid all you need to do is fill up a cocktail shaker with ice then add your cream vodka hellip.

Place about 6 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker combine the ingredients and pour over the ice place the cap on and shake for 30 seconds strain into martini glasses top with whipped cream and garnish with a slice of orange click here to cancel reply delta this site uses akismet to reduce spam.

This strawberry martini is a simple delight and a refreshing pink cocktail that can adorn any special occasion that you have planned the mix features your favorite citrus vodka with the luscious creme de fraises or other strawberry liqueur and a bit of fresh lemon 04 of 05.

Orange creamsicle martini yield 1 total time 5 minutes ingredients 1 1 2 ounces orange vodka i used sobieski but any good orange vodka will do 1 1 2 ounces blood orange juice if you cant find it use 1 oz hellip.

How to make this creamsicle cocktail there are a few key ingredients to make this delicious drink whipped vodka orange liqueur like triple sec or similar orange juice hellip.

Orange creamsicle cocktail with whipped coconut cream cooking lsl ice vodka coconut cream lemon juice mandarin orange agave nectar and 4 more orange creamsicle punch rubyfagan.

Orange creamsicle martini source the redhead baker slightly adapted from snappy gourmet servings 2 martinis printer friendly ingredients 3 4 cup no pulp orange juice 1 4 cup half and half 1 4 cup whipped cream flavored vodka.

Instructions mix the sugar and orange zest on a small plate run the lime or orange wedge along the rim of the glass dip the edge of the glass into the sugar and orange zest mixture all the way around add a bunch of ice to a martini shaker pour in the two vodkas and orange juice and give it a good shake pour into a martini glass and then.

Let soak overnight in the morning remove the vanilla bean from the vodka add the infused vodka orgeat and orange juice to a cocktail shaker filled frac34 of the way with ice hellip.

It rsquo s easy to make with freshly squeezed orange juice gin or vodka and a splash of vanilla almond milk growing up orange creamsicles or dreamsicles made regular hellip.

Orange creamsicle cocktail ingredients the required ingredients for our orange creamsicle cocktail include low fat milk orange juice orange triple sec liqueur white hellip.

Zest half of the orange and set aside add 1 2 cup ice to a cocktail shaker add orange juice vodka half half and simple syrup to the shaker shake vigorously for about 20 hellip.

3 oz orange juice 1 5 oz marshmallow vodka i like smirnoff directions fill a cocktail shaker with ice then pour in the juice and vodka shake for 10 15 seconds until well hellip.

Instructions in a cocktail shaker place bourbon orange juice and ice shake mixture until it is mixed and chilled strain mixture into serving glass top with orange creamsicle garnish with flower and orange slice martini previous post pomegranate boulevardier.

There rsquo s nothing quite like a summertime tradition like smiling faces with sticky fingers holding an ice cream cone ndash or maybe the dreamy flavor of a creamsicle drink if you search online for creamsicle cocktail recipes you rsquo ll find a variety of adaptations there are many ultra sugary versions based on orange soda or with a wide range of flavors and syrups.

Instructions put your glasses in the freezer 15 minutes before preparing the cocktail this fills a large glass if you have smaller ones it will hellip.

Orange creamsicle drink recipe notes while you do mix this up in a cocktail shaker you don rsquo t want to shake this orange creamsicle drink or you rsquo ll end up with a fizzy foamy mess also the carbonation in the orange soda dictates hellip.

Dreamsicle cocktail one of mr nom rsquo s favorite childhood treats was the orange dreamsicle that wonderful icy treat it combined an orange popsicle with creamy vanilla ice hellip.

The orange creamsicle is a liquid version of the popular frozen treat complete with a creamy orange flavor you can enjoy it as a sweet cocktail or martini a boozy float a blended drink or a tempting shot however you pour it they all have three things in common vodka orange either juice or soda and cream cream ice cream or cream.

As an amazon associate i earn from qualifying purchases see my full disclosure policy for details creamsicle drink last week when our temperatures were near and over 100 for nine or ten days straight we needed something to beat the heat i remembered that we had some tang and i wondered if i could recreate the drink and this beverage was.

Instructions how to cook orange creamsicle shirley temple fill a tall glass or cocktail glass with ice cubes pour in cream soda orange soda and grenadine give the mixture a gentle stir garnish with cherries and an orange slice if desired serve immediately.

Instructions fill a large rocks glass with ice fill a cocktail shaker with ice add the vodka orange juice heavy cream and sweetener cap and shake vigorously string the contents of the cocktail shaker into the ice filled glass garnish with an orange wedge.