Ingredients for these air fryer kale chips kale you can use any kind of kale for these kale chips oil you don rsquo t need much oil just enough to lightly coat the leaves to make kale chips with less oil spray the leaves with cooking spray rather than using the full amount of oil.

Unlike our air fryer zucchini fries and zucchini chips recipes there is no breading on these vegetables i did this on purpose sort of so they would be gluten free low carb keto friendly and as healthy as possible yes you can fry these in oil and tempura batter if you want to go all out but air fryer mixed vegetables are really the bomb.

If you rsquo re looking for more delicious ways to use your air fryer try air fryer zucchini chips air fryer chicken legs or air fryer pork chops can you cook bacon in an air fryer yes and cooking bacon in the air fryer is one of the easiest ways to cook up crispy bacon without turning on the oven or making a mess of the stove.

Air fryer zucchini chips air fryer jicama fries tools to make chicken legs in the air fryer air fryer ndash this is my favorite one from a familiar brand it has a large basket it rsquo s easy to use and cooks evenly meat thermometer ndash get temperature readings in just one second.

But the biggest difference between instant pot vs ninja foodi is the air fryer now you can make air fryer zucchini chips and air fryer zucchini fritters from scratch that are yummy and super healthy and air fryer frozen chicken breast with some lightly breaded cucumber chips hellip.

Air fryer zucchini fries these air fryer zucchini fries have lately been my go to recipe for whenever i rsquo m following a keto diet they rsquo re an amazing low carb alternative to potatoes with just 3 grams of net carbs per serving simply switch out breadcrumbs for parmesan cheese when coating your zucchini strips and throw them into the air fryer.

Recipe air fryer sweet potato chips 4 air fryer tortilla chips tasty via tasty co bring on the guacamole and call it a fiesta get the recipe for air fryer zucchini fries here 59.

Another air fryer tip we recommend is to always fry your foods in a single layer in the air fryer basket mdash which will allow the food to cook perfectly even and crispy so if you rsquo re air frying large quantities or large food items we recommend prepping the food in batches for a speedy cook time lastly don rsquo t forget to preheat.

My kids love these air fryer fries and i like that they rsquo re healthy coated with italian seasoning parmesan cheese and garlic salt these eggplant fries are delicious and guilt free this is one of the best air fryer recipes i rsquo ve tried mdash mary murphy atwater california.

Air fryer chicken wings my super bowl party savior keep batches of fresh chicken wings coming hellip and quickly air fryer pork chops pork chops are one of my go to weeknight dinners making them in the air fryer gives them a nice outer crisp air fryer potato chips i have a chip obsession but i get it they are terrible for me.

Air fryer zucchini coins are very similar to this recipe but use fresh zucchini air fryer corn on the cob is amazing in the summer and you dont even have to boil water we make french toast sticks in the air fryer for breakfast on the weekend.