Another option might be something like the garlic parmesan route i took with my air fryer carrot fries or air fryer red potatoes the seasoning blend is really your oyster mdash get creative toss the air fried potatoes and carrots in another tablespoon of olive oil and coat in the seasoning blend air fry for an additional 10 12 minutes at 400 ordm f.

How to use roasted beets obviously you can just eat them as a side dish but they also work in sheet pan dinners or try adding them to homemade hummus chop them up and mix them with air fryer potatoes or add them to this spicy mung bean salad you can also add them hot or cool to this kale chopped salad.

Honey roasted carrots are a beautiful and simple side dish that is perfect for easter or for an everyday dinner with four simple ingredients they are sweet buttery and delicious roasting vegetables is such a great way to concentrate their flavors while getting those delicious golden caramelized bits.

Hand cut fries beat out frozen any day and these sweet potato beauties are a huge air fryer win an excellent balance of sweet and savory flavors these crisp fries get a nice kick of flavor from the garlic and thyme they make a nice healthy snack or a great side with a grilled chicken sandwich or burger.

Transfer potatoes to air fryer basket spread into an even layer and set the air fryer to 400 degrees for 10 minutes remove air fryer basket and toss potatoes until adjusted set timer for another 8 or 10 minutes or until potatoes are golden brown and crispy i will check at the eight minute mark just to see how the potatoes look.

Air fryer sweet and sour pineapple pork this air fryer pork is an amazing dish to make on a weeknight and its special enough for company the recipe starts with pork tenderloin which is quick to cook and economical compared to many meats and it tastes delicious mdash leigh rys herndon virginia.

Ldquo an air fryer is just so convenient and can help you whip up amazing meals in half the sweet and spicy walnut chicken tenders from show roasted carrots with moroccan spice mix from kalyn.

Sweet or savory air fryer carrots my forking life via myforkinglife com honey glazed or tossed with parmesan and savory herbs these tender and slightly crispy carrots are a guaranteed crowd.

Air fryer sweet and sour pineapple pork this air fryer pork is an amazing dish to make on a weeknight and its special enough for company the recipe starts with pork tenderloin which is quick to cook and economical compared to many meats and it tastes delicious mdash leigh rys herndon virginia.

Crispy bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers stuffed with a sweet and spicy blend of cream cheese and low fat chorizo carrots air fried to perfection in a blend of olive oil balsamic vinegar garlic powder salt and pepper air fryer roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes with a simple balsamic bbq glaze get the recipe.

15 roasted carrots carrots are such a versatile vegetable they can be served raw roasted or even boiled roasting carrots is usually a fan favorite but it can take a long time to roast them to perfection cut the time in half using this recipe for air fryer roasted carrots by kalyn rsquo s kitchen you rsquo ll need carrots oil and a mix of.

Cooking acorn squash in an air fryer is simple it always amazes me what you can cook in an air fryer the secret to getting crispy caramelized acorn squash is to use your trusty air fryer this recipe is so good because you get a cut squash that is browned and slightly crispy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside.

Sweet and spicy taste soft on the inside with an appetizing crust air fryer roasted carrots get the recipe parmesan roasted acorn squash in the air fryer photo credit cookingwithcarlee com continue reading air fryer pork roast with apples photo credit gocookyummy com continue reading air fryer cornbread.

Rainbow carrots and a squeeze of fresh lime juice make this sweet and spicy side extra bright get the recipe for air fryer coriander maple glazed carrots raquo the pioneer woman.

Air fryer roasted potatoes whip up these golden air fryer roasted potatoes in no time for the most ideal side dish this recipe perfectly balances garlic and herbs alongside a few other spices if you rsquo re looking for a super soft and fluffy inside then simply boil the potatoes before throwing them in the air fryer 14 air fryer salmon.

How to make air fryer chicken tenders prepare the dredge preheat the air fryer to 400f grab 3 shallow plates mix the breadcrumbs salt pepper and garlic powder in one of the plates beat the eggs in the second plate and add the flour to the third plate.

Savory air fryer carrots are always a winner but we have a big roundup of air fryer zucchini recipes too if you have frozen vegetables in air fryer they actually turn out quite well try our frozen brussel sprouts air fryer and go from there we have a hellip.

Air fryer carrots five ways take your pick from plain sweet brown sugar spicy bacon indian inspired and medley varieties no matter which route you go hellip.

Add to air fryer pour the apples into the air fryer basket and spread the apples around so they rsquo re in a single layer cook power on and cook for 7 minutes on 350 400 serve turn the air fryer off and serve apples should be soft and sweet.

Home raquo desserts air fryer baked apples published oct 5 2021.

The cauliflower craze is on and its become a favorite low carb food from pizza crusts to mash steaks or rice this old fashioned vegetable has become a favorite low carb food its so versatile it can take the shape of a chicken wing or any other shape or character that youd like thanks to its mellow flavor and white color mdash unless of course youre using purple or hellip.

This viet cajun seafood boil is a delicious marriage of the flavors of the gulf coast and traditional vietnamese ingredients viet cajun seafood boils are based on louisiana crawfish boils with added traditional vietnamese flavors including lemon grass fish sauce and lots and lots of garlic it.

To make oven roasted broccoli and carrots position 1 rack in the middle and 1 rack in the lower third of an oven preheat the oven to 500 deg f step 2 toss the vegetables divide the broccoli florets and carrots evenly among 2 baking sheets drizzle each with 1 tbs of the olive oil and 1 2 tsp of the salt.

Roasted sweet potatoes roasted carrots the perfect side dish get the recipe from delish jonathan boulton 17 of 30 bang bang hellip.

Carrots are rarely the subject of a lot of praise which is shocking given how versatile they are in fact there aren rsquo t many other vegetables that can be equally tasty roasted alongside a whole chicken as they can be baked into a cake that rsquo s piled with cream cheese frosting it rsquo s time for carrots to get the recognition they deserve.

Crispy air fryer chickpeas are the tastiest and crunchiest snack you will find using the air fryer cuts the cook time down to 15 minutes and they are so much crispier than in the oven vegan and gluten free these crispy roasted chickpeas are an awesome healthier snack.