Crispy air fryer ldquo fried rdquo chicken is what air fryers were created to do crunchy golden seasoned outside and tender juicy full of flavor inside this is how chicken was meant to be eaten air frying is sweeping the culinary world and with good reason food is done quicker it rsquo s juicer and has beautiful crusts.

How to make air fryer fried chicken first you will want to marinate your chicken i use a mixture of half buttermilk and half hot sauce i learned the hot sauce trick from my mother in law the buttermilk helps keep the chicken juicy hellip.

How to make air fried chicken thighs season the chicken add the chicken oil and all of the seasonings except for the parsley to a zip top bag and seal move your chicken all around inside the freezer bag to coat the chicken in the seasoning cook the chicken place the thighs in your air fryer with the skin down and cook for 10 minutes then.

How to make air fryer chicken wings the dry rub for these chicken wings is so simple with our go to spices for baked sauteed or air fried chicken all you need is garlic salt and lemon pepper toss the wings in a little oil and the 2 seasonings arrange them on the basket and bake right away.

With chicken breast chicken wing and chicken thigh recipes it seems like your air fryer can really do it all believe it or not one of ree drummonds familys favorite meals mdash her chicken parmigiana swoon mdash can be fried up in just 20 minutes.

What i think of is southern fried chicken the kind with the egg and buttermilk and flour dredge that is packed with flavor and spices juicy int he middle and crispy and crunchy on the outside i had come to believe that that was an impossible feet in the air fryer my hopes were dashed that you couldn rsquo t use a real batter in the air fryer.